VAT posting from Write-offs

This is one of the monthly processes that make our accountant unavailable for a week (either end/start of month or some 20th dates of government report deadlines). If we want some help from these people without causing them to do more overtime work to catch up the lost time, we need to help them – by automating their tasks.

This time the task is running a report of Write-Offs (Depreciated stock) for a couple specific Inventory groups. Then these data are used to generate a posting journal to post sales tax (each Inventory group has its own Ledger account or Offset account).

Users worked in Excel to calculate VAT totals per each group. A robot, being a software does not need Excel’s help to solve math problems because it just filters and calculates the VAT totals in its "head" and posts them. Now the human is free of such a simple but time-consuming task. On the top of that, the robot does it at least 5 times faster and, what is even more important, without errors.

The biggest challenge in this process automation development? In fact, there was no real challenge, but it is very important to identify the parts of a human-driven process that can be optimized or even skipped because the robot can do that specific step differently.

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