Regular currency rate updates

Currency rates usually are imported by some web service. But where it is not an option, users are forced to update the rates manually. That means opening official website of the central bank of the desired country, finding the latest rates, opening the ERP, navigating to the currency rates register, and entering the date and rate. Usually it is done once a day.

This is a fairly easy automation. Robot does it every day in less than a minute. It opens a browser and scrapes the currency rates table from bank website. Then the robot analyses it to get the latest rates (which means skipping some table rows for dates when rates were not available etc.). Afterwards it closes the browser, opens ERP, navigates to the currency rates register and enters the latest rate for one or more currencies. The robot makes the job in just half a minute per currency, and business users do not have to think about it, because even if something goes wrong, an e-mail notification about it will arrive.

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