Chatbot knowledge migration

Every now and then you can run into a situation where data just can’t be exported from one system and imported to another. Surely, RPA can help with this.

In this case, we had two applications: one that has russian language knowledge and the other didn’t.
In order to transfer vocabulary, someone had to gather all the data from one website to another.
Getting data required going through first application and getting all of it’s wording in a specific language.
Entering data required looping through previously gathered data and entering them in the website interface by navigating pages (URLs), making entries, clicking checkboxes and “save” buttons.

Teaching a robot to do it costs about the same what it would cost to hire a student; however, there are some differences:

  • prepared automation can be reused if needed again;
  • no human errors;
  • task duration can be estimated based on item count that needs to be processed (3,000 synonyms this time).

P.S. Robot pulling an all-nighter isn’t considered a notable difference as students tend to do it before deadlines all the time.

As you can imagine, similar one-time and rare tasks requiring repetitive action for thousands of iterations can be automated as well.
For example:

  • certain data transfer between systems;
  • some CRM data cleanup and/or updates (like current job title and workplace update from LinkedIn).

RPA teemad: