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Webinar video recap 5/7: what is corporate governance and how to improve it with digital resources

On March 4th, Digital Mind in collaboration with Law Office Eversheds Sutherland Bitāns held an online forum "Enterprise Information Governance in the New Normal". Over the following weeks, we will regularly publish full speeches from the event on both the Digital Mind website and Youtube channel.

Māris Vainovskis - Proper management of digital information: a cornerstone of good corporate governance

We keep hearing about "corporate governance", but what does it actually entail in a practical environment? Proper corporate governance serves as a basis for sustainable growth in which processes are efficiently executed, each person knows his or her role and the company is actively working on reducing any possible risks. Well-managed digital resources allow to make important decisions based on the required information, as well as making sure the information only is accessed by the required people.

Watch the video to learn more about proper corporate governance, the new Latvian Corporate Governance Code, changes in KYC/AML regulations and other developments regarding corporate governance.

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