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Webinar video recap 4/7: records management, smart archiving and lifecycle within OpenText

On March 4th, Digital Mind in collaboration with Law Office Eversheds Sutherland Bitāns held an online forum "Enterprise Information Governance in the New Normal". Over the following weeks, we will regularly publish full speeches from the event on both the Digital Mind website and Youtube channel.

Edgars Alksnis - Records classification and lifecycle within the OpenText environment

To be able to effectively find needed content and manage it according to regulations there must be set criteria for content classification which is followed by its unique lifecycle processes. Edgars Alksnis, Digital Mind OpenText team lead and CTO provides information regarding every step of the lifecycle, what it entails and what are the necessary preparation steps to create a well-versed solution that will resolve the needs of the company, regulators and other involved parties.

The necessity to operate in accordance with information storage regulations is unavoidable, but having a proper information classification protocol and lifecycle systems in place, companies can improve their corporate responsibility, the efficiency of information management, as well as their position in cases of audit or litigation.

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