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Video: Rinalds Sluckis on Low-code approach for rapid digitalization of business processes

On March 23, Rinalds Sluckis, CEO of Digital Mind and a passionate herald of digitisation, spoke at the IT conference of the BiSMART business technology platform with a presentation “Low-code approach to faster digitisation of business processes”.

The Microsoft Power Platform not only opens up a wide range of apps for app development but also makes automation available to every business.

The development of low-code (no-code) business apps solves the problem of developing time-consuming and expensive digital solutions.

Watch the video to learn about the most suitable processes for automation and even the automation of individual workflows!

Speaking in the video, Rinalds introduced a real example of the Latvian business environment, how in a few days Digital Mind helped a customer to respond to the changes in the regulations of the Cabinet caused by the pandemic and to promptly develop a digital solution to ensure the functionality of company's processes.

Process automation will both help improve the company's performance and reduce costs, being a useful helper in the fight against the sharp decline in the workforce that awaits the Baltic States in the years to come.