Importing Bank statements (XML files)

Surely most ERP solutions offer Bank statement import. Unfortunately, as "gateway/online connections" directly to banks are costly and more complex to develop, updating info from bank still happens through XML files. Users log in the bank, download statements, save them in specific folders, then open ERP, navigate to a specific function, enter some parameters, and import the XML file. A fairly short process but still bothersome to do at least once a day. But, if you have several companies and with multiple bank accounts – let's say, 6 companies with 3 accounts each – you are engaged in this mundane task 18 times and hopefully just once per day.

Since a robot cannot access bank’s online system due to extra security (code calculator, smart ID), downloading of bank statements is still a function performed by humans. However, all the rest coming afterwards is automated. Robot loops through folder and looks for new statements. Then, based on folder/file names, it decides which company current file is intended for. It navigates in ERP to the specific company, enters the needed parameters, imports file and removes it from the folder. After importing all files, it sends an email notification to the user informing that the importing has been completed. A robot does not feel mad about doing the routine job 2-3 times a day.

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