Fixed Assets depreciation proposal generation and posting

When company grows, it starts to gather more and more fixed assets. For accounting that means more actions regarding their depreciation. This usually is a straight forward process which users do manually. They have to open ERP, filter specific Fixed Assets, and enter a specific date for all of them. They have to generate a journal record, validate it and post it. If there are any deviations from normal, the accountant deals with the specific case.

A perfect task for RPA. Robot does this regularly and much faster than a human would. It opens the ERP, speeds through the filtered asset list while entering a date and checking the right depreciation profile for each asset. Then the robot generates the journal, performs the validation and posts it. If the validation is failed, a notification e-mail is sent to the accountant. The e-mail contains screenshots and data needed for accountant to know where to go and what needs fixing. Afterwards, the robot repeats this process for multiple databases. When the job is done, the robot closes the ERP and proudly sends out e-mail notifications about the completed tasks.

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