Document generation for Fixed Assets

Fixed Asset acts are one of the documents that every administrative accountant wishes to prepare and print from their ERP systems with a single click. In some systems and organisations that is possible because either the system has many implemented features that allow such a document generation or the documents that are not too complex (besides all the must-have data, certain parts of such documents are defined by internal policies). But, when you have many companies and many documents to prepare, and they all need to contain all kinds of assets, and they are related history data, a robot can be your reliable assistant.

For this automation robot was tough to do many things:

  • read e-mails from accountants asking documents for one or multiple assets,
  • collect data for acts of three different kinds (acquisition, write-off, relocation),
  • decide on how to split all fixed asset info per documents (a single document only when the date is the same, when the responsible employee is the same, etc.),
  • work with Word templates in several languages to fill in all the data collected,
  • reply to user’s e-mail with attached documents and store them in archive.

The main challenge here was making three different but very similar automations by sharing the identical parts as much as possible. That makes maintenance and improvement/change requests much easier to implement.

RPA teemad: