Power Platform – convenient solutions for process automation without programming

The word automation comes from Ancient Greece and was first used by the Greek poet Homer, who described objects acting of their own volition. This means that the concept has been around for more than 3000 years. People have always been concerned about how to do things more efficiently and faster. Much of what we see around us are man-made and there is no limit to the potential for creativity, but one essential resource is limited, and that is time. If people could spend all their working time on innovation, there would be many more achievements, but unfortunately, a lot of time is spent on repetitive, manual activities that do not add value.

Currently, the introduction of business automation processes in the Baltics is particularly topical, as all Baltic countries will face a major challenge in the coming decade – a shortage of workforce. People aged 50-64 will leave the labor market in the next 10-15 years. They will be replaced by those aged 15-25, but unfortunately, the population decline in this group is dramatic. Demographic data show that two workers will be replaced by only one. This means that companies and institutions need to think about how to automate processes, outsource them to robots and free up workers from manual activities so that they can devote their time to more intellectual work.

To address the workforce challenge, including the acute shortage of IT professionals, large technology manufacturers have created platforms and solutions that allow large companies to develop automation tools for their own needs without additional IT resources.

Microsoft Power Platform products include:

  • Power BI – business analytics, data visualization solution,
  • Power Apps – a mobile application development platform that enables the creation of applications for internal business needs,
  • Power Automate – a process automation tool offering many ready-made solutions,
  • Power Virtual Agents – intelligent virtual agents or chatbots.

All of these products can be integrated with each other, including with other solutions from Microsoft and other manufacturers.

In the video, Digital Mind partner and design solutions architect Māris Miezītis demonstrates how Power Automate can be used to train a system to recognize invoices in a few minutes without programming, and then process and use them more qualitatively.

Digital Mind offers automatization solutions for data processing and business processes using Microsoft PowerPlatform framework and instruments. Contact us to talk about your company’s process automation options!