Microsoft Power Platform – a springboard for business growth

Microsoft Power Platform is a high-performance application development platform that includes multiple tools for building business solutions in one integrated environment. The platform offers businesses the ability to analyze and visualize business results in real-time, quickly and easily create custom applications, automate workflows, integrate artificial intelligence capabilities – in other words, find new approaches and solutions to improve business performance.

Microsoft Power Platform includes – Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents.

Power BI – will provide consolidated insights, interactive reports and analysis of business performance, regardless of employee location. The tool is easy to use both on the web and on mobile devices, and can be used to collect data on various sales, production, marketing, etc. activities from different data sources, and present them visually and presents them in visual and easy-to-read graphs. Power BI will enable you to make more effective decisions based on real-time data.

Power Apps – with a “low code” approach to help you build and customize mobile applications to improve and speed up various processes. They can be built from scratch or use templates to tailor them to the individual needs of your business. For example, Power Apps can be used to create a productivity application where users can express their ideas on how to optimize and streamline their work tasks. Applications can be connected to existing data platforms and online or local data sources. A major benefit is that when developing applications, there is no need to think about the manufacturer, version and other parameters of the end-user’s mobile device – the platform developer has already thought of this.

Power Automate – helps you automate and integrate both simple and more complex business processes between different programs and services. The platform offers more than 400 ready-made connections to the most popular systems and public services. If these services are not on your list, you can always use Power Automate Desktop, a complete RPA or robotics process automation tool. Automation can take place at times when predefined processes are running in other systems or at specially designated times. This will help to get rid of activities that are repetitive, fixed and time-consuming.  

Power Virtual Agents – will allow experts to create virtual assistants (or chatbots) to perform various actions on behalf of customers or business partners, speeding up communication and providing 24/7 support by following instructions and without any programming. Virtual assistants can be integrated with many services and systems and continuously upgraded. 

Successful product integration can create a true digital transformation in the enterprise and open up new development opportunities.