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FORRESTER: Workplace automation and RPA are here to stay

Unsurprisingly, 2021 will see a further changing workplace, and new technology will be needed to support it. Eighteen million US workers will work from home in the wake of the pandemic, from knowledge workers to cubicle workers.

35% of companies will double down on workplace automation.

Many firms will invest in robotics process automation, machine learning, and hardware advances to help smooth some of these workplace changes:
Work-from-home staff will see automation perform tasks that were previously done in the office or that held
higher labour costs, such as data migration and processing, customer service support and received document processing.

Forrester forecasts that by the end of 2021, one out of every four remote workers will be supported by new forms of automation, either directly or indirectly. Direct support will be the rarer form — giving a bot to individual workers to support select processes in their daily journey. But indirect support will blossom, as robotic process automation (RPA) bots combined with conversational intelligence and other intelligent automation will handle business tasks often invisible to the home worker. For example, information and application processing, preparing reports and others examples, which you can see in our RPA example page.

To best integrate automation and AI with a diverse, wide, and anxious workforce, enterprises should create working groups and embrace “human in the loop” design methods.

Article based on Forrester Predictions 2021

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