Digital Mind

Changes in the management team

Digital Mind is a reliable technology partner for leading organisations in the Baltics since 2004. We constantly listen to our customer plans and needs and we want to grow together with them. Already today, we offer multiple solutions that help our customers improve their information governance, reduce document management costs and automate various back-end tasks. However, in the future, we see ourselves as a one stop shop partner for the digital transformation of all the business processes in an organisation.

At the end of 2020, our Supervisory Council and shareholders approved the Digital Mind medium-term development strategy, which determines both a rapid expansion of the product portfolio as well as the gradual establishment of operations in the Central and Northern European regions. The organic development of new business lines and an M&A programme will be implemented to execute the defined strategy.

In order to ensure a sound execution of the chosen strategy and a successful development of the strategic business directions, we have made changes to the company's management team. Former Board members Edgars Stafeckis and Ingemārs Liakovičus will focus on the development of our digital signing API solution SigningServices, expanding this business to other European Union countries. A new Board has been elected and will consist of long-standing employees of the company Māris Miezītis, Edgars Alksnis, Aivars Baļčūns and Rinalds Sluckis, who will execute the duties of CEO and Chairman of the Board.

In January 2021, Zigmunds Vīķis has joined our team in the role of Business Development Director. His mission is to implement an integrated marketing/sales/support service system to gain more insights into customer needs and deliver successful digital transformation solutions. 

We continue the improvement of our corporate governance framework that meets the international standards and guidelines by focusing in 2021 on strengthening our decision-making and control system as well as establishing risk management and corporate social responsibility standards. Digital Mind shareholders have elected a new Supervisory Council consisting of Christian Unterreitmeier, an early stage investor at Digital Mind and seasoned IT professional and two independent board members – Ramona Miglāne, attorney at law, partner at law firm drill., and Mārtiņš Martinsons, a recognised leader in organisational change and manager at FranklinCovey Latvia.

The functions of the Supervisory Council and Board entered into force on 09 February 2021.